Why Waking Down Feels Better than Waking Up

I am really burnt out on patriarchal spirituality (transcendentalism) and much more desiring to come home into my body this year.  

Grounding, stabilizing, and loving where I’m at.

I notice the more I focus on these themes the more a playful side of me comes out.  Because she feels safe!

For a long time I mostly operated from my head.  I equated ‘spirituality’ with looking OUTSIDE myself with a sense of urgency fueled by SERIOUSNESS and PRESSURE.

I bought into the messages all around me from a traumatized collective that said: “emotional sadness and trauma is terrifying so DON’T GO THERE.  Be brave.  Fit in.”

Thankfully here’s how I’m finally rewriting the story now- feeling good in my own skin, waking ‘down,’ and integrating, and CELEBRATING:

  • Connecting with my mom 
  • Honoring my body temple with lots of CARE
  • Embodied meditation/ bringing consciousness down to the heart space and yoni 
  • Going on inner journeys that feel safe and are led by tantric women
  • Taking biz trainings that are very embodied, heart-centric, and led by women
  • Loving the house and land where I’m at
  • Connecting to food/ cooking/ making herbal teas
  • Local adventures- local dating, local friends, local community
  • Accepting my body’s limitations and food sensitivities
  • Emotional acceptance of my financial state instead of resisting it

That last one is HUGE!  

But as far as needing to transcend myself…I think I’ve purged enough!  Now it’s time to just BE. Happy. Where. I’m. At. 

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