Why Less is More at the Full Moon

We tend to associate the full moon with wolves howling, the ocean reaching its highest elevation (high tide), animals reproducing, and human behavior being amplified to extremes.

But you might be surprised to know the full moon is actually not about going hard, going full out, or going to extremes. It’s an opportunity to do the opposite!   

When the moon is full, the sun and moon are lined up, so the sun reinforces the moon’s pull!  It’s double strong, double magnetic!!  So unlike the quarter moon phases where the sun creates tension with the moon’s gravity, it now pulls with it.  This means there’s an in-flow that’s meant to be received, not pushed against.  And when we fill up or let ourselves receive what’s showing up for us, there can be runoff, or overflow.  This might show up as exhaustion (in my case migraines!), or overstimulation.   

In reality, the full moon is all about RELEASING pressure, taking stress OFF yourself- letting the ball drop, letting something slide, saying no to an obligation, not responding to a text- because the full moon initiates the release phase of the cycle, aka the waning phase.

We see this in ancient indiginous cultures such as the Native Americans of Mexico whose full moon ritual involves gathering for three days with the intention of resting and recharging.  

Or in Hindu culture where the full moon is a time to abstain from worldly pleasures and pray all day to Vishnu, a preserver and protector deity.  The day is spent fasting, praying, and reflecting.

And in pagan tradition where it’s common to gather in circles to worship the moon as goddess and a symbol of fertility.  In ancient times pagans prayed to the moon for a good harvest, and for centuries people have been gathering in safe containers to release pressure through singing and dancing.  

In my personal experience, pushing myself or forcing myself to do something on a full moon backfires and doesn’t go well. I started consciously letting little things or obligations go now, using the mantra ‘less is more’ at every full moon and it always works!

I hope this was helpful!  Happy full moon and wishing you a nice low stress day. Much love 🙂

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photo by Lauren Alexandra Photography