What to Know About the First Quarter Moon

We’re now at the halfway point between the new moon and full moon. Look up in the sky- do you notice the moon looks like a pregnant belly? Not just a seed of potential now, but showing evidence of growth? This reminds me of the Empress card of the tarot!

We’re now seeing evidence of our creativity/ seed we planted at the new moon. It’s in gestation, accumulating power, expanding in life force. It’s growing. Half full.

Halfway points are ‘crossing over’ spaces where we have to make a choice to either stay where we’re comfortable, or step into the unknown, uncharted territory where we don’t have as much experience. So, first quarter moons often bring up mini-pivotal moments, or subtle discomforts/ obstacles that ask us if we want to move forward or stay in the familiar.

In the tarot system we see this pivotal moment reoccur between the even and odd numbers, the even numbers being a comfortable resting place and the odd numbers being a dynamic, changing energy. In the Marseilles system we see this in the pip cards, especially the suit of swords which shows each odd number with a sword striking through the middle.

You can think of first quarter moon energy as an opportunity to go to your personal edge- to face obstacles, challenges, doubts, and fears that hold you back. If any ‘mini-crises’ or personal crises show up now, embrace them fully as having something to teach you or reveal to you.

In the tantra tradition it’s said that all emotions are the goddess, so with that perspective even the difficult ones can be embraced. Might as well play the game with the Universe/ Love Force and find out what it has in store for you 😉

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