What the Tarot Reveals About Perfectionism

Today I launched a 13 day tarot challenge called “fear to freedom!” Day 1’s question was ‘what scares you the most?’

It’s interesting to reflect on how fear plays out in our life. One of the ways I see it creep up in myself is through perfectionism.

What’s really helping me get over this is taking imperfect action! Getting visible in fb lives, and focusing less on the goal and more on just showing up as ME, my vibe.

The Marseilles tarot system has 3 ways of alerting you to that you’re stalling in perfectionism, or trying too hard.

First of all, the number 8 in the tarot symbolizes receptive perfection- the highest vibration of the even numbers. Two circles- the most feminine shape- balanced perfectly!

Then, if we look at card VIII and XVIII (8 and 18) we get Justice and the Moon. Justice, with her 2 circle shaped scales, is always perfecting something to get the perfect balance!

The Moon, with her cycles, IS a circle always circling around Earth, reflecting light in a perfect pattern.

Both of these energies can be beautiful. But if Justice doesn’t chill and enjoy what’s on the scales, she misses an opportunity to celebrate it. If the Moon pulls us too far into fantasy, we get lost deep in the maya and our stories.

So the tarot helps us see how to get out of these ‘perfect’ states that can turn delirious. It offers us the 9s- the Hermit and the Sun.

Considered ‘positive crisis’ cards, the 9 and 19 lead one out of the stagnant passive 8 and into the breakthrough needed in order to evolve spiritually.

The Hermit (VIIII) is the ‘midlife crisis’ card symbolizing a point at which we are forced to start self-reflecting. The Sun (XVIIII) is the ‘breakthrough’ card where we gain energy, we get our inner child back, our light returns. The higher self takes our hand and helps us across out of the old 8 energy and breathes life and warmth into us so we can rebuild some things in our life.

The tarot reveals that perfectionism makes us miss out on our evolution- it delays it!  We become stagnant, clinging, or tripping out on perfectionism.

Next time you pull the Justice card or the Moon card look within and ask if you’re trying too hard, wanting things to be perfect, or if you’re clinging to a story/ ego projection (delusion).    

The moral of the story is perfectionism holds us back from freedom!

Thanks for reading! If you’d like to join my new fb group and do the 13 day tarot challenge #feartofreedom you can access it here.