What ‘Manifest’ Really Means

This year I started aligning my life and decisions with the moon.

I honestly kind of romanticized it, and thought it would be a way to ‘manifest.’

But ‘manifest’ turned out to mean something way different and deeper than what I thought.

The moon forces you to work with 2 energy currents- waxing and waning, a sort of push and pull that grows you spiritually.

The moon ‘stores’ and ‘radiates’ solar light, then loses all of it. Every cycle, over and over again. Gaining, growing, filling up, radiating, then losing, darkening, diminishing.

Solar light is truth/ consciousness/ illumination.

Lunar light is assimilation of truth and radiance of it to the world.

The diminishing light teaches about surrender and forgiveness and the waxing light teaches about receiving and expanding.

Yes, you can manifest stuff when you align with the moon. It’s amazing to see it happen. And you can watch stuff that doesn’t serve you leave your life at the waning moon, which is amazing too!

But you also have to do shadow work, forgive, and release stuff that’s painful to let go of.

At times you’ll feel full of solar light, magical. And other times you’ll feel changed and forced to step up your devotion/ trust in Divine guidance. To do this work is to feel at times, cracked open, hurt.

But also to have your true longings met, and release the bullshit ones.

To become hyper-tuned into how the light/ truth you receive grows and expands and how it changes you. And then be a solid container for the emotions it stirs up.

To do this work is not so much to ‘manifest,’ but to meet all that’s required to expand into the natural radiance of your being- whether you think of that as your wildish nature, your soul, or inner weirdo!

If you’d like to explore the moon-aligned path you can learn more here.