Tara was a gracious, kind, fun, empathetic, PATIENT instructor/ coach, who was extremely knowledgeable about the material. She answered any and ALL of my questions (And I had MANY!) She allowed me to take time to explore and discover on my own. Not once did she push any agenda or suggest what she thought I should or shoudn’t do. Yet she was always available at my request, if I ever needed clarification or assistance. I felt perfectly at ease from beginning to end.”– J.

“I am so sold on your readings. These are incredible. Thank you.”- N.

“Wow! It’s very accurate…all of it! Thank you so much Tara!”- J.

Having a reading with each phase of the moon helped me process some of the internal struggles I have been having, and gave me a better understanding of how they could be tackled in relation to each quarter of the moon.”- E.

“This was exactly what I needed to hear. Incredible! The ancestor ritual is everything!”- M.

“Thank you so much for this reading. Nail on the head.”- S.

“Immediately into my full moon reading, I was crying with goosebumps all over.”- S.

“I have been simultaneously wanting and avoiding a reading.  Both because I was feeling lost and scared of what I might find.  Tara made the process very comfortable and helped ease my mind when cards came up that were intimidating.”-E.

“Worth every dag on penny!!!! You’re the tarot queen!”- S.

“This course feels like I’m setting out on a metaphorical hike and this has armed me with all the stuff I need in the backpack to make it on this journey.”- J.

“I’ve been working with the moon more consciously and consistently. I always loved the moon and felt drawn to its magic. However, your ebook helped me uncover things I didn’t know and super helpful, so thank you again!”- M.

“Thanks so much, Tara! This has really given me a lot to think about, and important stuff to consider moving forward. Still internalizing your message; it’s definitely given insight as where and how I should be looking going ahead. It’s really affirming to feel I’m already on a positive track, and I’m cultivating what I need.”- L.

“It is really something that has to come from a deeper place than thinking to understand, but your readings are always exactly what I need to hear! They have been incredibly affirming.”- N.

“The tarot reading helped me dig out some painful truths, and give me clarity where I had been confused, plus by picking out the archetype that called out to me most, it reminded me of who I truly am, which I had been disconnected from for sometime. Plus the suggested rituals have allowed me to embody my truth!’-A.