Waning Moon

Waning moon blues…

We’re in the waning moon now…at first I thought of it as a decrease of energy…but now I’m starting to see it simply as a rebalancing of energies.

We’re rebalancing solar and lunar energies in ourselves.

Half dark, half light.

Constantly finding our balance with letting in truth, and digesting it.

At the beginning when the moon is waxing there’s a balancing point called First Quarter- equal balance between dark and light. And then again at the waning moon, Last Quarter.

In one we’re balancing the feeling of receiving. In the other we’re balancing the feeling of ‘being without’ or purification.

We dive into this with Moon Aligned Path, a tarot experience I offer. If it interests you to explore this balance of shadow and light energies in yourself you can click here to learn more.