Throat Chakra & Pride

Pride lives in the throat chakra.
We tend to either feel a sense of pride for how visible and self-expressed we are (loud and proud) or a sense of pride for how secretive and strong we are (too cool for school).
But really both of these are traps.
In Buddhist tantra it’s said that the throat chakra is linked to what’s called the ‘Titan Realm’. 
The ‘realms’ are states of suffering due to fixations in the psyche that pull us away from our natural essence (pure presence).
In the Titan Realm the fixation is on winning, getting recognition, pride, and competition. There is so much effort and energy spent in this realm it’s exhausting.
From this place failure, rejection, and defeat are so crushing that we feel they are to be avoided at all costs.  It feels safer to keep perpetuating the cycle of achieving and gathering external validation.
So in order to start to free ourselves from this trap we need to send peace to the throat chakra/ voice/ self-expression center. 
We need to have more curiosity to meet the quiet voice in there and turn down the volume on the loud Titan one. 
We need to sit with pride and defeat and let the tears flow.
It can be extremely liberating to let yourself become invisible after pushing ‘visibility’ and likewise it can be exhilarating to give yourself permission to come out of hiding after holding back from a place of pride.
Which feels true to you?
In my upcoming masterclass we’re gonna send peace to the throat chakra via mantra and chant so we can really hear that quiet voice.  This is one of the rituals of the High Priestess archetype. If she speaks to you join us!