The Tarot as Healer

I am completely fascinated by how the tarot can be used as medicine for the psyche and soul.  

When I got that thing that starts with a ‘C’ in Costa Rica last year I was forced into a deep purging on all levels- mind, body, spirit, and emotions.  

I experienced first hand what shamanistic healing is.  

As my body purged, I uprooted some really difficult truths about myself.

For most of my life up until 2020 I was living life quite selfish/ hasty in how I jumped into experiences.  Also in complete avoidance and denial of my inner masculine (truth).

Naturally, I attracted partners who were mirrors of this- drug addicts, sex addicts, boys, and extremely YIN guys- who forced me to confront my own willingness to let people drain me, and this hasty/ desperate/ in-denial energy in myself.   

Seeing our ugly or unwanted truth is the Devil card energy.  

I saw how leading up to the Costa Rica trip I had not been myself, I had been consumed with sexual adventure as a means of escape, I had been mean to my mom, I had been rushing, with a sense of urgency. 

No wonder when I pulled a card for that trip I got the Death card (big transformation!)

And then I was gifted with this understanding:  transformation IS the healing.  The sickness IS the healing.  

Western medicine is only a tiny fraction of the science behind health.  There’s so much more being studied about the body-mind connection, and how inner wisdom plays a part in transformational healing! 

I’m interested in this hugely complex inner galaxy that we are as humans!

My deepest wish as a reader is to continue developing a sacred relationship with the cards and transmitting this understanding to people so they can access their inner wisdom.

I have taken my cards with me to other countries, carried cards in my coat pocket, and slept with them under my pillow.

And no, they don’t all have to be Death and the Devil…there are some lighthearted ones in there too!  But the intense ones help us understand purification and integration, which assists healing.  

In essence, the tarot is like a healer that helps us break old self-destructive patterns, and gives us the medicine our soul needs…

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