The Sun

The Sun
This is outward-flowing, extroverted energy. Giving freely while expecting nothing in return. Radiating in all directions equally. The sun teaches us about giving for the sake of the giving itself.

Have you ever reached out to someone you admired and gave them compliments in an email or dm, secretly wishing they’d respond and thank you and then you heard nothing back? How did it make you feel?

Aligning w/ the sun’s energy helps us align with purely giving and needing nothing back.

This type of generous energy is aligned w/ Leo in the zodiac. Leo gives a person the quality of naturally shining & leading, being noticed by others and really respected. This energy infuses work, ideas & opinions with vitality and amazing high vibration.

When you align w/ this energy others are impressed by you and greatly appreciate what you have to offer. If you’re working on a team they view your presence and efforts as crucial to the goal/ vision.

Contemplate the energy of this card to amplify: joy, brightness of aura, radiance, warmth, charisma, positivity, generosity, ability to perform well, impulse to express oneself well, to be a giver, to increase feelings of freedom, confidence, pride in oneself, willpower, and the impulse to celebrate your life.