The New Formula for Success

It truly is an amazing time now.

A lot of us are realizing that subliminal messages in the old paradigm don’t work!  They simply aren’t effective anymore.

When trying to please the patriarchy I must have turned in 50-100 resumes for ‘practical’ full time 9-5 office jobs with my ‘respectable’ master’s degree.

When trying to prove my worth to the male-driven music business I was constantly surrounded by men teaching me. I sent in demos to record labels, worked with male musicians, pros, men who acted as ‘managers’ or wanted me to sign contracts, and studied with a music mentor for 4 years who told me women who played instruments professionally were a pain in men’s asses, but the ones that ‘made it’ were worth it. What a mindfuck!

Thankfully those codes ‘fit in,’ ‘keep trying hard’ and ‘you have to put in a lot of effort’ and ‘strive’ and ‘strain’ and ‘prove yourself’- didn’t work!  It’s hilarious now how hard I tried, and not once did it ever work.
You know what DID work? 
Opening to receive! 
Nurturing an artistic vision- a sacred chant album– something I loved and wanted but was a little scared to reveal to the mainstream…
Starting a coaching & tarot reading business- again, something my soul really wanted but my ego didn’t fully trust!  But when I did, clients and money flowed in very quickly and still continue to flow in. 

And then let’s be honest…there are some days when I find myself returning to that place of ego/ control/ striving- I NEED tarot clients NOW!! And then…crickets. 

But when I center back into surrender and calm joy, this beautiful impulse to connect with people and play/ evolve with them shows up, and then the momentum returns!

Surrender is the new path to success. Opening, receiving, and nurturing what WANTS YOU and what shows up naturally for you is the 3-part formula. It’s not easy because western culture has trained us to want what we don’t have. But if you’re brave and calm enough to dip DOWN into the depths instead of striving for the heights, you’ll discover a more loving, blissful success 🙂

Thanks for reading!

If you’re curious about the path of receptivity, yin power, and flow in your biz, life, relationships, or creations check out my tarot/ coaching program Moon Path.