The Lovers Card- Not What You Think!

When I started reading tarot I thought the Lovers card was about romantic relationships, partnership, marriage, or monogamy. But did you know there’s a whole deeper meaning? It can be discovered in the old Marseilles deck!

The Marseilles version of the Lovers card has 3 people on it!  Who are these characters and what are they doing?  In the old days it could be read many ways- a ménage à trois, a man deciding between his mistress and his wife; a couple being married; a mother, son, and girlfriend; or a transgender person, a gay man, and cis-gender woman.

It really depends on the reading and the person having their cards read!

The main point is that this card is about conflict and having to make a choice- the most loving choice!

That’s not easy!  What seems loving could be codependent, or rescue behavior.  What seems like you’re doing the right thing could actually be from a sense of obligation which is just fear/ the ego! 

Maybe you’re making the choice that gets you respect from the elders of the tribe but it’s not what your heart genuinely wants. 

You might be projecting ‘free love’ and open relating or polyamory, when your deepest integrity wants monogamy.  Or trying to be a devoted husband or wife when you want freedom more.

It must be the choice that is super loving toward your personal integrity! The one that truly comes from love and not fear.   

We have this idea that love is always outwardly giving.  Love can be giving.  But Love also says no to things.  Love ends things.  Because Love wants to expand our truth, not our clinging ego. Love is fierce, it makes tough choices, and this card is a great reminder of that! 

On that note, I wish you much love and joy today! 

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