The Divine or Chocolate?

Years ago I worked at a daycare in the toddler room. I put a lot of energy into it.
First thing in the morning I’d get the kids dancing & jumping to a record or playing Simon Says.

But my weakness was a little 2 year old girl named Adiena. I knew we weren’t supposed to have favorites but she was just so cute w/ a little cherub face and bright blue eyes, and she became very attached to me (or so I thought!)

Then on Valentines Day I brought chocolate and put it up high on the shelf for later. She was unusually excited to see me that day, jumping up and down, putting her arms out for a hug. She said, “Tara! I need you!” I laughed and picked her up, then as I did I heard her whisper into my ear “I need your chocolate!”

Bhakti offers an amazing opportunity to pray, give offerings, contemplate, and be with the Divine. But it’s eye opening to ask if the Divine is being used to help ego desires manifest or loved simply for itself.

Do you really want that relationship with the Divine?
Do you want what the Divine wants for you? Above all? Is that the prayer you’re sending out daily, so you can grow deeper into that relationship and trust its wise & loving version of the unknown?
Or is it “I need your chocolate?”