The Best ‘Card of the Day’ Question

When pulling tarot cards, how you phrase the question makes all the difference!  

One thing I see a lot of people do is pull a card of the day and treat it as a prediction. They rely on the fixed meanings in the deck booklet or fear their day will go awful if they get the Tower or Death.  

Yeah, tarot involves surrender but there’s an art to it!  We get to be intentional throughout the process!

Here’s a fun way to pull your daily card:  instead of asking ‘what will happen today’ ask “How can I be NICE to myself today?”

If you get the Tower, perhaps breaking out of routine, going outside barefoot on the earth and breathing fresh air, screaming in your car, or letting yourself be surprised would be good for your soul.  If you get Death it could be saying treat yourself to a movie that makes you think deeply, or call your Scorpio friend and connect with her. 

These cards don’t have to be scary or fatalistic!  

They’re meant to be adaptive, creative tools, visual meditations, and archetypes we get to journey with (at least in my opinion!)

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