Tarot, an Amazing Snapshot of Yourself

Almost everyone I’ve read cards for has told me they resonated with the message the tarot gave them.

Some have cried, some say nothing after the reading then email me months later thanking me, others have made life changes.

Then there are those few who don’t get it. They would rather me tell them about ghosts or predict their future.

I don’t claim to be able to know the future…at all!  I don’t want to.  Because there are infinite futures- infinite possibilities!! We hold all that potential in the present moment…to moment….to moment.  Like a kaleidoscope, always changing! 

The tarot stops time in a sense. It freezes the moment and blows it up for us to see our options more clearly. It presents us with the most aligned possibilities for our healing, expansion, and getting our desires met.  

It’s like a snapshot of your most heightened self-awareness being told to you in slow motion, so you can listen for a few minutes to your Self, and leave the session with more self-trust. 

When you get a reading, you’re entrusting a lifelong student whose job is to communicate the language of symbols and translate them into truth, beauty, and love, all in service to you.

Simply put, the tarot is YOU, reflected back to you.

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