Tarot Alchemy

Imagine…receiving teachings about each of the 22 Major Arcana tarot archetypes every week, with coloring pages, journal questions, embodiment homework and meditative rituals!

Tarot archetypes are so much fun to explore and can be a portal into:

  • More self-compassion
  • Adding fun and curiosity to daily life
  • Expansion into new ways of relating
  • Shadow integration
  • Releasing control around self-image
  • Playing, softening
  • Accessing the inner masculine and inner feminine in healthy ways
  • Embodiment
  • Discovering that time expands when creativity is prioritized
  • Trusting life/ the Divine/ Love Force

This is a 22-week journey through all the Major Arcana archetypes which includes 22 teachings (one per week), original art/ coloring pages by Erin Soto, rituals for you to practice, and homework (play) to help you embody the archetypes, plus powerful journal questions.

Not only all that, but this course also includes 5 live zoom calls and a Facebook group where we can share our process and creativity 🙂

It begins Friday March 19!  

Cost is $444 or $88 per month (5 month plan) OR $222 to get the course emailed to you weekly without the live calls.  

(Link to purchase course- $444)

(Link to purchase payment plan- $88/ 5 months)

(Link to purchase course without live calls- $222)