Hanged Man: Teacher of Surrender

Hanged Man says:  stop strategizing from your head!   It literally flips you upside down to get that head quiet- that overstimulated mind- the hamster wheel that’s been staring at screens, replaying mental stories, news, other people’s opinions, other people’s creations, and your own inner ‘advertisements’ all day, promising you it can make you happy if … Continue reading Hanged Man: Teacher of Surrender

How Archetypes Help Us Find Worth

Questioning a lot of things right now? Feeling ok one day then crying the next? Wondering why your manifesting isn’t working? With 70% of adults walking around with trauma and a lot of us feeling sad no wonder we feel confused, scared, or even hopeless. Do you know your self-worth is UNCONDITIONAL?   Your worth … Continue reading How Archetypes Help Us Find Worth

How to Feel Free

The Fool card of the tarot is all about freedom, and this archetype can indeed set us free...if we’re willing to reflect on how we block ourselves. Here are three ways we tend to get stuck: We identify with self-image too much.  We become fixated on one area of our ‘self’, whether that’s our business, … Continue reading How to Feel Free

3 Exciting New Ways to Use the Tarot

People hold a big misconception with tarot cards- that they are only used for fatalistic fortune-telling. I actually had this come up with a client a few nights ago. He was terrified to do a reading because of possible scary predictions that might come up.  I'd like to offer a different perspective because I've found … Continue reading 3 Exciting New Ways to Use the Tarot

Reclaiming Feminine Energy in Business

I used to take all my cues on how to gain 'respect' from the men around me. How they acted, how they talked, how they told jokes, how they worked and played. How they led. As a musician I desperately tried to show men that I could play solos and drum like them. As a … Continue reading Reclaiming Feminine Energy in Business

What ‘Manifest’ Really Means

This year I started aligning my life and decisions with the moon. I honestly kind of romanticized it, and thought it would be a way to ‘manifest.’ But ‘manifest’ turned out to mean something way different and deeper than what I thought. The moon forces you to work with 2 energy currents- waxing and waning, … Continue reading What ‘Manifest’ Really Means

Shadow Work

To me, skulls are symbolic of shadow work. Being stripped down to the bones and seeing what remains in tact. And really shadow work isn't something you can just bullshit about online. I tried. I tried talking about it, making a video about it, channeling it through creativity, 'processing' it in relationship, journaling on it, … Continue reading Shadow Work

Ace of Wands and Risk Taking

Risks open us to the unknown. Keep our life force activated. Build confidence, belief in ourselves. One risk I started taking this year was to expose myself in video. Everytime I post one it feels like entering the unknown- maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, maybe they’ll unfollow me. Maybe nobody will watch … Continue reading Ace of Wands and Risk Taking