Shadow Work

To me, skulls are symbolic of shadow work. Being stripped down to the bones and seeing what remains in tact. And really shadow work isn't something you can just bullshit about online. I tried. I tried talking about it, making a video about it, channeling it through creativity, 'processing' it in relationship, journaling on it, … Continue reading Shadow Work

Judgement Card: Shadow & Light

The Judgement card has a shadow side and light side. Shadow: Judging can be a shitty behavior that stems from ignorance. It’s shitty when we form a quick opinion of someone/ something, shut our heart off, then further stamp that seal of separation by sharing our opinion with our bubble of friends/ family. This gives … Continue reading Judgement Card: Shadow & Light

8 of Swords

Message:The quarantine is an opportunity to step out of victimhood and projections that keep us trapped in fear. A chance to see fear for what it is- a mechanism of the mind, an inner challenge. Looking outward to external situations amplifies the feeling of panic, worry, and being trapped. Turning inward strengthens the remembrance that … Continue reading 8 of Swords