Masculinity- from Triggering to Healing

'The Lord,' also known as 'the Emperor' in standard decks (and 'this motherfucker again?' in my mind), can actually be an amazing, transformative card to work with. At first I hated seeing him. His mood felt cold, punishing, and heartless. His armor seemed overprotective, the look on his face stern. Taking him in I felt … Continue reading Masculinity- from Triggering to Healing

The Wheel

The Wheel- super interesting card! It’s known as ‘the karma card’. Karma simply means ‘action.’ And our actions generate future actions. Habits, behavior patterns, choices we make now make a dent in how we’ll be in the future. Unlike the Chariot card in which the wheels are moving (maybe consciously, maybe not!) here we have … Continue reading The Wheel

The Tower- Destruction or Liberation?

High voltage shakti strikes and all our plans fly out the window. Like a lightening bolt, this force of nature shocks us into submission by destroying in an instant the power structure we built up. In the Kali Yuga our patriarchal civilization has advanced by destroying or suppressing mother nature. This phallic intelligence, must now … Continue reading The Tower- Destruction or Liberation?