Get Freed by the Tower’s Shakti, Lightning, & Unconditional Love

'Shakti' is a sanskrit word which means energy/ life force. It can be turbulent or steady; rushing or electric, subtle or stormy. The point is, it moves us! The Tower card has much shakti. For instance, in the lightning bolt is high voltage shakti which strikes the tower and causes all our plans to fly … Continue reading Get Freed by the Tower’s Shakti, Lightning, & Unconditional Love

Judgment Card: Pluto

Judgment is linked to the planet Pluto and the element fire. Pluto, in mythology, is thought to be a god of the underworld but actually he was originally a giver of wealth/ abundance. “Underworld” simply means subconscious/ the place where we get soul lessons, and yes a lot of spiritual fulfillment (inner wealth) can come … Continue reading Judgment Card: Pluto

Judgment Card: Archetype

Imagine you pull the Judgment card as your personal archetype for the entire year. What the heck does that mean? Basically it means you're about to step into the role of pro decision-maker and liberator. This could mean getting better at making decisions for yourself, or making decisions for others. Either way, get ready to … Continue reading Judgment Card: Archetype

Judgment Card: History

Angels, stairways leading to heaven and hell, a white bearded God, believers and nonbelievers, and resurrection of the dead. These are the historic images we find on the Judgment card. The earliest versions were sometimes called 'The Angel card.' In the 15th century the church officials asked tarot card printers to remove these religious images … Continue reading Judgment Card: History

Judgment Card: Forgiveness

One of the highest associations of the Judgment card is forgiveness/ learning to forgive. Forgiveness is the natural release of judgment. When we forgive another person we stop holding a grudge. In the moment of forgiveness comes a relief- a great freedom that gives us permission to truly move on, not in a self righteous … Continue reading Judgment Card: Forgiveness

Judgement Card: Shadow & Light

The Judgement card has a shadow side and light side. Shadow: Judging can be a shitty behavior that stems from ignorance. It’s shitty when we form a quick opinion of someone/ something, shut our heart off, then further stamp that seal of separation by sharing our opinion with our bubble of friends/ family. This gives … Continue reading Judgement Card: Shadow & Light

The Messenger/ Hierophant

The Messenger is an alternative way we can think of the Hierophant or High Priest in older decks. It holds the energy of teaching, educating oneself, questioning traditions, and finding inner meaning by following/ learning from traditions/ authority figures you actually trust. How does the truth get passed down through the centuries? What leaders do … Continue reading The Messenger/ Hierophant