Spring Workshop Series

Chanting is powerful meditation practice that has been used for millennia by humans wishing to achieve peace, sacred connection, & transcendence. Science has found it calms brainwave activity & can cause the left and right hemispheres of the brain to synchronize, leading to ‘flow’ states or a feeling of oneness w/ the cosmos.

Personally, I have found it brings mindfulness, cheers me up, and makes me a more confident and graceful communicator!

This is not religious or connected to any guru. It’s a universal spiritual practice available to anyone!

If you’d like to explore it, join me this spring at Yogaia where I’ll be introducing a 3-part workshop series on chanting!!

You can attend any of the individual sessions for $30 or pre-pay for all three for a discounted rate of $80.

Simply sign up via www.yogaiayogaschool.com Click “workshops”!

Or contact me & I’ll get you signed up!

Here are the descriptions:

Freeing the Voice- Participants will learn an ancient meditative ‘bumblebee breath’ technique for expanding, freeing, & stretching the voice. Other practices such as vocal/ chakra toning & chanting seed syllables (big mantras) will be introduced. The session will end with group chanting of Sanskrit mantras w/ eclectic instruments. Participants are not required to bring anything to this one. March 23, 7pm

Introduction to Mantras- Participants will learn how to do japa practice and be given some common Sanskrit/ universal mantras to work with. Brief explanations of the different kinds of mantras (bij, Bhakti, tantric, kundalini), and the science behind mantras will be shared. Participants will explore many different ways to chant mantra and be given a 10-day mantra challenge to try at home. The session will end with group kirtan style chanting w/ eclectic instruments. Participants are required to bring either mala beads or a stone. April 27, 7pm

Introduction to Bhakti- Participants will learn the essentials of Bhakti practice (offerings/ prasad, setting up an altar, chanting, deities) to enhance their connection with the divine in their home & daily life. The Bhakti Sutras & “12 Ways to Practice Bhakti” will be introduced.