Spiritual Ego Traps

Spiritual insights don’t have to be ‘transmitted,’ nor do they need to be coveted as your own special god realm. These are both ego traps.

One of the biggest wounds for me has been the idea of ‘spiritual rescue’.

That another person can somehow fill my longing for intimate spiritual guidance.

That they would lead me, teach me, and reveal secret knowledge to me.

This expectation caused a lot of suffering!

At the most a guide, counselor, coach, friend, or lover can only ever support you filling your own cup, and at the worst they may feed into your wound, ‘teaching’ you, then showing such an ugly/ human side that it makes you say ‘fuck off’ to the whole spiritual trip.

Much more realistic to trust your inner knowledge/ wisdom, and build spiritual friendship within.

And I’m finding that the same ecstatic states or deep understandings I hoped for teachers to transmit to me are accessible in solitude, when I dare to enjoy my own company!

The idea that I, as a person who gives spiritual consultations, could rescue/ make someone else’s spiritual decisions for them is equally preposterous.

I can only nurture/ support them in deciding for themself. To think I have some kind of spiritual superiority or ‘specialness’ helping them is delusional.

In truth anyone could help people via tarot cards, meditation & intuitive guidance and it’s a humble blessing that I get to do it too.

If I can assist the process of someone’s intuition/ essence nature being revealed to them then I’m happy!

Maybe it’ll ease them into the next chapter of who they are, facilitate them expanding into their unique journey of Self!

But in no way am I ever intending to rescue or change/ fix people.

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Photo by Lauren Alexander Photography