Soul Cards

The doors are now open for a unique 4-session deep dive!! This is for anyone who desires to know more about their astrology chart and how to combine it with the tarot system to form powerful totems/ talismans of Self-LOVE!

In this program we uncover:

  • your 3 most important archetypal pairs (up to 6 archetypes total) based on your time of birth
  • an optional fourth archetypal pair for your personal style/ public persona
  • mystical self knowledge and creativity (more compassion toward yourself, and more freedom!)
  • sacred symbols for YOU based on your birthday, numerology, & astrology. These include your personality symbols, shadow work symbols, personal style symbols, and symbols for transmuting/ honoring ancient karmic imprints.
  • shadow work- understanding of your hidden strengths and emotional blocks
  • insight into your past life and current life karma
  • how to enjoy life through the archetypes you were born with

During this program you’ll receive:

  • 4 creative consultations (in person or Zoom)
  • 4+ assigned rituals
  • creative homework and journal questions
  • pictures of your tarot cards emailed as jpeg files and printed mini-photos
  • A pdf summary of the entire experience

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