Shiva and the High Priestess

Why is Shiva so compatible with the High Priestess? 
Shiva represents space/ spaciousness that holds up the cosmos. 
In the same way that outer space keeps expanding, INNER space keeps expanding too. 
The High Priestess is the guardian and witness of INNER space. 
She’s the one who’s intimate with the mystery and evolution that happens when we meet what’s in the subconscious, and become AWARE of the duality within us. 
She sits between those two pillars and is the quiet witness to it all- light and dark, chaos and order, positive and negative, expansion and contraction, love and fear, hot and cold, pain and pleasure, opening and closing, yin and yang, etc.
Quietly meditating, knowing these all exist within her…
And somehow perceiving it as the subtle play of the Cosmos!
Just like the Divine polarization and play of Shiva and Shakti. 
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