“Shadow” Reading + Ritual Session

The shadow can’t really be ‘known’ because the nature of it is to be hidden.  So this session aims to bring awareness to the unconscious mind and what it does on autopilot, by first using a questionnaire/ journaling prompts.  Then we use the cards to reveal symbols, archetypes, and actions to help you integrate any impulsive/ unconscious tendencies in a slow, gradual way. This reading takes into account that there is not only bad in the shadow, but good too.

This session aims to uncover 1) how you suppress the shadow, 2) how you can integrate the shadow 3) an archetype you can work with to expose uncomfortable aspects of the shadow, 4) an archetype you can work with to expose good things in the shadow

What you receive: An email exchange that includes a questionnaire for you to fill out, instructions, and a reading emailed to you in a printable/ pdf file that includes a summary of your cards, color pictures, and a creative ritual based on what came up in your reading.

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