Secrets of Transformation in the Judgement Card

The Judgement card is linked to the planet Pluto and the element fire.

Pluto, in mythology, is thought to be a god of the underworld but actually he was originally a giver of wealth/ abundance.

“Underworld” simply means subconscious/ the place where we get soul lessons, and yes a lot of spiritual fulfillment (inner wealth) can come from hanging out there!

Pluto, as an astrological force, is a higher octave of Mars.

Mars is all about energy and action in the material world. Pluto evolves that by activating our energy & actions in the spiritual/ soul world (aka “underworld”) where we gain control over our shadow self- true mastery and true power!

The fire element is also an energy of action, doing, going for it, risking, leading, feeling & moving with passion!

Pluto and Fire relate to the Judgment archetype in that they represent transformation & action (or a call to action!) required to powerfully move through your fate in a way that uplevels/ upgrades your soul.

Pluto helps us uncover our shadow and unconscious stuff, thereby teaching us how to be less reactive and more self-responsible (aka upgrade!)

Fire element gives us the passion and devotion to move through Pluto…& burn/ purify the shadow stuff- with it we are able to face challenges head on that come up in this arena.

Pluto & Fire helps mold us into the person of good judgment- someone one who has the depth and stamina/ self-discipline to face a call to action and big transformation!

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