1-1 Coaching

7 years of inner work has taught me that self-intimacy, shadow work, and learning the language of the pleasure body is powerful! Cultivating a relationship with shadow & eros leads to expansion, creativity, and saying yes to your life instead of getting caught up in comparison. It brings safety to the nervous system leading to better discernment, sovereignty over your choices, and killer instincts/ integrity!

I have become so much better at flirting, feeling relaxed around men, and receiving from men. And understand this is not about manipulating/ seducing, but feeling the deep pleasure of getting to receive while respecting men. I’m still amazed at the amount of support and gifts that have come in since I started this inner work.

A self-intimacy practice protects you from illusions and keeps you centered in truth, because it awakens your own inner masculine and ignites a connection to God…you really start to open to a protective, holy, father-like force that loves you to your core. Sometimes that looks like detoxing/ purging what our ego wants, other times it feels like the greatest peace you’ve ever known, or devotion you didn’t even know was possible!

This is a 3 month container where we’ll blend tarot & embodiment to activate the best archetypal energies for YOU, more creative/ erotic energy in your life, gentle dissolving of shadow programming, more beauty & yin, & greater integrity/ respect for yourself & the masculine. Here’s how it unfolds:

Month 1: Foundation/ Inner Masculine/ Shame Alchemy

Session 1 “Shame Clearing Tarot Spread”
Session 2 “Archetypes of your inner masculine & inner feminine”
Session 3 “2 Foundational Practices to Activate Yin & Embodied Eros”
Session 4 “Conversation on Emotional Digestion & Divine Masculine”

Month 2: “Erotic Confidence”

Session 1 “Erotic Confidence Tarot Spread”
Session 2 “Archetypes to help you express your erotic self”
Session 3 “Conversation: Sex Magick vs. Devotion + 2 rituals”
Session 4 “Introducing 12 erotic energies you can play with”

Month 3: “Self Intimacy

Session 1 “Inner Union Tarot spread”
Session 2 “The Archetype of your Inner Beloved/ Evolved Inner Masculine”
Session 3 “Conversation: Vibrators vs. Crystal Wands & the energetics of self-intimacy/ self lust/ self love
Session 4 “2 rituals to reclaim your sacred eros + a “sensuality & pleasure practice toolkit” to take home

This program is in the Beta phase and now available for a special Beta price for a limited time. Enroll HERE.

After you sign up, I’ll send you an email to confirm and then we can schedule our times to meet.