Sacred Eros

Self-intimacy and learning the language of the pleasure body is powerful! It cultivates a relationship with your own eros which leads to expansion, creativity, and saying YES to this life! It also brings emotional clearing and safety to the nervous system leading to better discernment, sovereignty over your choices, and killer instincts/ integrity!

This is a 3-session deep dive to receive:

– feminine embodiment practices
– fun tarot readings to reveal clues about your unique erotic journey
– erotic confidence-boosting rituals
– moon-phase education
– polarity & attraction teachings

All sessions are fully clothed and we’ll focus on teachings, tarot readings, and resources. You will not be expected to do any rituals or practices on the calls, but will be given instructions to perform them solo in your own time.

Here’s a brief breakdown of the sessions:

Session 1 “Shame Alchemy” (Zoom or in-person)

  • Shame Clearing Tarot Spread
  • 2 Powerful feminine embodiment practices to increase capacity for pleasure in the NS
  • Lesson on Emotional Digestion/ Anxiety support suggestions
  • Moon phase education

Session 2 “Erotic Confidence” (Zoom or in-person)

  • 4 erotic confidence tools
  • Understanding 12 erotic energies
  • Rituals to reclaim your own eros
  • Erotic Confidence Tarot Spread

Session 3 Self Intimacy (Zoom or in-person)

  • The energetics of self-intimacy + a ritual
  • Sacred Eros Tarot spread
  • Moon phase education
  • Celebration
  • A “sensuality & pleasure practice toolkit” to take home

This program is in the Beta phase and now available for a special Beta price for a limited time. Enroll HERE.

After you sign up, I’ll send you an email to confirm and then we can schedule our times to meet.