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Tarot Rituals: 5 easy practices to accelerate self-discovery and self-trust on your tarot journey!

Tantric Masculine Rituals: 6 rituals for anyone (this is beyond gender!) who is craving grounding, direction, and inner security.

Keywords of the 8 Moon Phases: helpful keywords to understand nature’s creative blueprint (the moon) and how to utilize each phase for devotion, magnetizing, and being an easeful artist of your life!

Tantra Tarot Spreads: 9 templates that will help you honor your body & emotions as sacred plus some light tantra education & tarot tips. Note: when I say ‘feminine’ and ‘masculine’ these are cosmic principles, not gender. The cosmic principle of ‘feminine’ is SHAKTI or flow. The cosmic principle of ‘masculine’ is SHIVA or structure. Anyone can experience both.

My favorite source for pleasure-activation/ love toys (crystal wands, jade yoni eggs, etc): use the code TARAKIMES to get 10% off!

A place to explore if you’re curious about quantum frequency support.

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