On ‘Calling In Things’ With Mantras

I don’t believe in using mantras to ‘call things in’ so much as I believe in letting life happen naturally & then using mantra practice as a way to ease suffering if there is suffering or to express love & gratitude if there is joy.

If you’re going through an uncomfortable change & resisting it or feeling bitter, chanting a mantra can at the very least teach you to surrender. It could help you create an intimacy with the mantra that will bring you a lot of wisdom because of your direct experience with it.

This practice is experiential, devotional. Not blind faith. Every time we chant, the sound and movement of breath interacts with our dormant emotions & creates an energetic experience in the body.

Call it integration, a shift, a release, subtle energy, prana, transformation, or the heart’s intelligence. To be able to meet that energy more consciously is what this practice is all about.