Tarot Readings– $100 / hour, Zoom or in person

What’s included:

  • Guided meditation
  • Hot tea (in person sessions only)
  • 10 card spread to assist you in finding answers to your question (if doing 1/2 hr it will be a 3 card spread)
  • summary and pics emailed to you
  • optional journal question, assigned ritual, or oracle card pull at the end

Archetype Journeys- $500/ month

What’s included:

  • A tarot archetype to work with the entire month
  • Weekly one-on-one calls (calls may include oracle card pulls, guided meditations, teachings, & a safe space to feel listened to without judgment)
  • Weekly assignments to embody the archeytpe
  • Weekly journal questions
  • A ritual to practice the entire month

Private Coaching – $1,000

Sound Healing Sessions (coming soon!)

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