Mystical Joy School

The number one regret of the dying is “I wish I would have been more true to myself.”

Deep down we want to live our fullest life, and feel joy and freedom in our soul.

Yet fear and stress make that hard to do!

There are so many programs out there preaching ‘manifestation,’ changing your mindset, and ‘positivity,’ but they seldom work because they aren’t getting to the root- lack of presence with our true self and our true longing. You can journal and say affirmations all you want but if you’re not digesting raw emotions, you won’t be able to embody in your nervous system the freedom and joy you seek. And to do that requires presence.

I offer in-depth containers of private, focused support to help you tap into this presence, out of which you can uncover mystical joy!

This joy is built on a foundation of contemplation that honors mystical inner wisdom. Through this program we are tapping into the courage of your heart to be present with all of you, and joyful insight that arises from there.

In addition to that, we make the process fun with tarot decks, moon phases, music, movement, and heart-guided meditations!

Things that are likely to happen as you go through the program: digesting old emotions, clearing self-doubt, a calmer nervous system, new supply of energy, gentle transformation, more magnetic power, bursts of creativity, new insights, intuition, and clear perception. And you may start to see secret desires and miracles manifesting on their own- the key is it all starts in the heart!

There are 3 tracks we can work together on:


  • Tarot readings corresponding to phases of the moon
  • Beautiful moon rituals
  • Assignments for each phase of the moon
  • Lunar self-care tips/ suggestions
  • Lessons on the Moon and High Priestess tarot cards/ symbols
  • Moon archetype and history teachings
  • A structure for working with the moon energy and seeing results
  • Guidance around emotional digestion/ shadow Integration
  • Lesser known teachings about the moon from tantra, Vedic astrology and occultism


  • Weekly journaling assignments
  • Devotional and Love Song playlists to explore your inner longing
  • Kirtan Playlists to explore your inner joy
  • Poetry writing and reading assignments
  • Lessons on the Lovers tarot card/ symbols
  • Rituals- altar creation, offering, communing w/ a deity
  • Chanting journeys
  • Mudra meditations to activate heart opening
  • A guided heart-space meditation for deep peace
  • Sound healing/ mantra therapy sessions
  • Assignments for activating self-love/ Inner Beloved/ Inner Union
  • Oracle Readings

Tarot Study

  • In-person or Zoom meet-ups to practice tarot reading
  • In-depth self-study via the tarot
  • Lessons on the tarot archetypes
  • Major Arcana assignments and embodiment practices
  • Weekly journal questions
  • Tarot readings
  • Rituals to keep your energy clear during and after card readings

There are 3 tiers you can choose from:

Tier 1: Basic Package

  • 30 days
  • a guided tarot archetype journey
  • 4 coaching calls w/ oracle readings
  • 4 in depth tarot readings w/ guided meditation
  • weekly assignments, lessons, and creative activities
  • weekly journal questions
  • 2 personalized rituals

Tier 2: Full Immersion

  • 60 days
  • 2 guided tarot archetype journeys
  • 8 coaching calls w/ oracle readings
  • 8 in depth tarot readings w/ guided meditation
  • weekly assignments, lessons, and creative activities
  • weekly journal questions
  • 4 personalized rituals
  • Bonus recorded meditation

Tier 3: Advanced Deep Dive

  • 90 days
  • 3 guided tarot archetype journeys
  • 12 coaching calls w/ oracle readings
  • 12 in depth tarot readings w/ guided meditation
  • weekly assignments, lessons, and creative activities
  • weekly journal questions
  • 6 personalized rituals
  • Bonus recorded meditations
  • Bonus karma consultation- north/ south node astrology
  • Bonus mantra therapy or sound healing session

If you are interested in booking a Mystical Joy School Coaching experience w/ me, please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!