Mystical Joy Tarot Club

The doors are open!

Welcome to Mystical Joy Tarot Club!

Would you like some support around your tarot practice? Community for your self-discovery journey?

Come and learn how fun tarot can be!

Here’s everything that’s included in your subscription:

  • 22 pdf & audio lessons (released monthly), each of which include a general teaching of a Major Arcana card, its history, shadow and light keywords, journal questions, and embodiment activities
  • exclusive library of 118 tarot and spirituality blog posts
  • 2 on-demand videos per month w/ tarot teachings and card pulls
  • Monday card reveals
  • one tarot challenge or ritual per month
  • bonus content: ebooks, tarot spreads, audio meditations, journals, and playlists!

Investment: $20/ month. If you’re ready to dive in, I warmly welcome you to click here: Subscribe to Mystical Joy Tarot Club!