Moon Water Ritual

Full moons are when the earth, moon, and sun line up and we can see/ feel the moon radiating sunlight to us powerfully in the dark! Whereas the sun gives light to the world, the moon gives light to our inner world.

Full moons are an abundant time of receptivity, celebration, magnetism and self-compassion. The energy of the full moon can be felt for up to 5 to 7 days.

Here’s a ritual you can do to store this potent yin energy:

Pour some spring water or filtered water into a mason jar. Go out under the full moon and set the jar of water down under the moonlight. If you wish, you can place crystals around it, though it’s not required. Set an intention into the water (you can do it quietly or by speaking it out loud 3 times, then saying ‘And so it is!’)

Then, you can cover it with a lid or plastic wrap if you’re worried about bugs getting in it. Let the water sit overnight, then in the morning retrieve the moon water. You have the option of:

  • drinking it pure
  • adding a splash of it to hot coffee, hot cocoa, or tea
  • pouring it into the bath
  • making an aromatherapy mist with it by transferring it to a spray bottle and adding essential oils
  • using it for spells/ magick at your altar to speak intentions into
  • anointing your forehead with it during meditation

Happy full moon and moon water making!

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