“Moon Aligned Path” an in-depth Reading + Ritual Experience

Welcome to Moon Aligned Path, a creative in-depth spiritual consultation/ tarot journey! It’s a humble blessing to get to support and share in your journey 🙂

This experience will assist you through the 4 main phases of the moon and give you an archetype, card readings and rituals to work with to uncover, unearth, and unleash your your inner light, inner weird, inner knowing, inner fire, and inner wisdom! The tarot has an uncanny way of guiding us to the heart of who we are.

By committing to this program you’re holding yourself accountable to engage fully an in-depth experience of 29 days during which you get an archetype to work with based on a confidential questionnaire you fill out, a tarot reading for each phase of the moon emailed to you (4 main emails and a video or phone call with me at the end), tips for how to align with each moon phase psychologically and spiritually, journal questions, and creative rituals that draw on classical tantrik tradition, mantra meditation, prayer, and occultism/ paganism.

I honor the trust you’re putting in me to provide this service.

Signing up ensures you’ll be put on the list for the next moon cycle. The program starts every new moon. To purchase, fill out this form and then proceed to payment below 🙂

Moon Experience

Thank you for purchasing the Moon Experience! After you complete the payment an email will be sent to you shortly with further instructions.

388.00 $

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