Moon Path: Your Personal Tarot Archetype Journey through the Moon Phases

Welcome to Moon Path, a creative in-depth tarot, moon meditation, and archetypal journey!

This is a 3 month program during which you’ll use a sacred system of symbols and knowledge (the tarot) and commune with the moon pattern. With the accompanying rituals you’ll spend time in sacred space to digest what comes up.

You’ll learn the art of becoming more magnetic and magnetizing things to you. The moon pattern is a powerful way to work with the energy of opening, surrendering and receiving from the Universe.

You’ll chart pathways into your true YES and your true NO. You discover worth in your light (waxing moon) and worth in your shadow (waning moon).

Here’s how it unfolds:

  • New Moon: Your Tarot Archetype/ New Moon Intentions
  • First Quarter Moon: Your Sacred YES and NO
  • Full Moon: The Natural Radiance of Your Being/ Self-Compassion
  • Last Quarter Moon: Forgiveness/ Shadow Integration/ Coaching Call

The program repeats like this for 3 or 6 months (moon cycles) with newly emerging themes from the cards, new rituals, meditations, and homework (sacred play!)

This program might be a great fit for you if:

  • You spend excessive amounts of time up in your head/ mental space and would like to be in the heart more
  • You find it hard to receive and would like to trust life more
  • You’ve struggled with low self worth and would like to feel more radiant and confident
  • You long for clarity
  • You feel drawn to yin paths, mysticism, intuitive paths
  • You’re an HSP (highly sensitive person)
  • You long for more pleasure/ sweetness in your daily life
  • You sense that you need grounding and ritual
  • You want to deepen your knowledge of the tarot
  • You want an in-depth guided meditation journey that’s fun and expansive
  • You want practices that are truly effective at uncovering happiness and inner peace.

Moon Path gently assists with all this!

The juice and magick of this program works deeply and needs to be given time to bloom, and I love to be able to hold that space. 3-6 months is a wonderful way to build your self-trust muscle and really delve into this as a true journey!

Signing up ensures you’ll be registered for the program starting Wednesday March 13, 2021. To purchase, proceed to payment below 🙂

If you’d prefer to pay monthly ($290/mo) send me a message by filling out the below form and we’ll make it happen!

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