Moon Conscious

Photo by Clay Farris (@eddiezombini)

“Don’t worry if you make waves simply by being yourself…
The moon does it all the time.” –
Scott Stabile

Would you like to uncover the mysteries of moon phasing, deep feminine rest and radiance? Would you like to tap into self acceptance and nourishment and watch it fuel your life, biz, and relationships?

Welcome to “Moon Conscious,” a little community I’m starting for women who want to feel more nourished and peaceful! By attuning to the moon, we reach deep acceptance, mystical knowledge, and trust.

This is a space for women ready to:
– play instead of perform
– Receive instead of ‘manage’ or ‘mother’ people
– Trust instead of control
– Love instead of crave
– Feel pleasure instead of worry
– Feel abundant instead of scarcity

It’s free to join, and you’ll get access to free gifts such as moon phases cheat sheets, new moon questionnaires and rituals, and other goodies. Join us HERE.

As a welcome, enjoy this free “Channeling the 8 Moon Phases” cheat sheet: