One of the core reasons I keep showing up and taking up space in the spiritual development world is that I want to help people be in a state of receiving more often, which activates their own personal magnetism!

Last year I did an experiment with unlocking my own magnetism- I used the moon as my spiritual compass all year!  What happened was amazing.  The following things showed up effortlessly:

  • A full paid trip to Costa Rica
  • A new connection with a man who met me in ways that felt more stable than previous relationships.
  • Little gifts from the Universe- a ‘full moon’ shirt, a huge peace orchid plant, boxes of incense each month, jewelry, fancy boxes of tea, rose oil and candles, flowers, lingerie, pictures of the Hindu deities, beautiful journals with the moon on them, a framed picture of my favorite tarot card.
  • Money 
  • Success and growth with my new business
  • 2-hr long phone conversations and video chats every night that lasted all year and let me experience the masculine as ‘able to show up and hold space for me’ which was nice.
  • The specific Marseille tarot deck I wanted which was out of my budget

I didn’t ask the Universe for these specific things, I was just crystal clear on the following criteria:  

  • for my nervous system to feel more calm
  • my mind to project less and instead occupy its energy with beauty/ truth
  • to experience freedom/ liberation
  • to experience a lover who could meet me in ways my birth chart said I needed to be met.  

I poured my heart and my creativity into rituals, tantrik meditations, tarot card readings, journaling, and I paid attention to the moon phases.  (And this is all what I guide clients through!)

Truly, indeed it was amazing to see all this criteria be met!  I felt magnetic all year long!

But what’s interesting is being ‘magnetic’ isn’t what it seems!  We tend to think of magnetism as something that beautiful people, celebrities, and charismatic leaders have.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

Magnetism is humble, and actually all about INNER beauty.  

Humble, because it happens once you’re honest with yourself and down to earth about your desires.  I used to think I wanted to be a touring musician more than anything.  Even telling my bandmates how important it was to my soul to sleep on floors, and live a nomad life.  When in truth, my poor Vata body needed structure, and I was bypassing health issues, unresolved family dynamics, ancestral work, and my true inner masculine.

INNER beauty- we are truly only magnetic when we’re tapped into love/ source, and devotion.  Devotion means a state of trust/ openness with the Universe. The Universe isn’t your bitch but your guide to an unclinging love. And that kind of love isn’t created from outer appearance, getting Botox, or going to the gym (although those things can exist WITHIN it)

In my experience when I felt the most physically sexy/ attractive I was actually the most repellent in my magnetism!  I was a parody of the ‘hot guitar chick/ lead singer of a band’ with audiences of people watching me, yet for those 4 years I couldn’t attract what I really wanted, and constantly felt unhealthy mentally.  This is a symptom!  The root cause was lack of clarity.

The real pathway to personal magnetism is clarity- write down what you genuinely want!  What your soul wants, what your heart wants- not your ego.  It may take some time and you may need to get a little quiet for it to appear.

Then add 2 more ingredients- sacred play and self worth!  These really complement the receptivity/ magnetism!  

You can explore sacred play through fun mystical methods like the tarot, rituals, and pleasurable meditations. You can uncover self worth/ self trust via Sacred YES and Sacred NO tarot spreads, shadow journaling and coaching calls.  This is what I offer in an ongoing 3 and 6 month container Moon Path: a Tarot Roadmap to Sacred Play, Receptivity, and Self Worth. With warmth I invite you to reach out via or the link below if that interests you:

Moon Path

photo by Lauren Alexandra Photography