Judgment Card: Archetype

Imagine you pull the Judgment card as your personal archetype for the entire year. What the heck does that mean?

Basically it means you’re about to step into the role of pro decision-maker and liberator. This could mean getting better at making decisions for yourself, or making decisions for others. Either way, get ready to free yourself and others from outdated beliefs/ negative thoughts.

You may start thinking like a judge or politician, using logic and critical thinking to solve problems instead of your feelings/ intuition. This archetype actually encourages you to do that- to ruminate, think things through, and take time on important matters, being very thoughtful/ deliberate.

It is often these well thought out decisions that set us free.

In Caroline Myss’s ‘Archetype Cards’ the archetype most closely liked to Judgment is ‘The Liberator.’ The image on the card shows a woman holding out a torch with a sun behind her, a look of hope and leadership on her face. She’s wearing all white, a symbol of purity/ truth and she’s passing on the torch of freedom- this woman is the light bearer, the change bringer, the liberator.

You may answer a call to activism, stand up for your truth, or other people’s truth, step into a leadership role, public speaking role, or a role in which you can ‘set people free’ emotionally such as being a counselor/ spiritual advisor.

On standard Ryder Waite decks we see three additional archetypes: 1) the angel blowing the trumpet, awakening others, voicing truth, leading the way to freedom. 2) the one being called to a sound they can no longer resist, responding to it because they recognize it as truth. 3) the group- several people ‘awakening’ together, so it could mean that you identify with a certain spiritual group, are finding more trust in groups, more truth in a group identity, a group will help you change/ make decisions, or you are embracing diversity in a new way.

Ultimately, whether you lead, respond, or share in it, the freedom the Judgment archetype speaks of is one attained by thinking, decision-making, self-examination, and embracing a much welcomed change.