How to Dissolve Fear- Great Divide or Great Awakening?

This message came through this morning from a loving place so I want to share it.

The predominant paradigm in the world seems to be that of divide and polarization these days. But in reality there is no ‘external world’ because reality isn’t fixed.  It’s infinite creative potential. It’s in a state of constant flux and our internal world is dancing with it.  The nature of consciousness is to keep evolving.

When polarity and divide show up in the media and the outer world seeming chaotic, we’re actually being given an opportunity to examine polarities and chaos within us.

This is human evolution, this is expansion. This is the Great Awakening.

A big download I’ve been getting lately is that fear is part of this Great Awakening.  Not the thoughts generated by fear, but the emotion of fear- the fear itself.

What happens in a fear state?  The mind starts spinning, speeding up.  Our body becomes frozen, it contracts.  Then, the tendency we have as humans is to split ourselves into 2 roles- superhero or victim.  We subconsciously fight the fear, or we let it throw us into a frenzy/ panic. 

In the superhero role we get really good at mindset.  We focus mentally ONLY on positivity and health and love and manifestation; and fear gets pushed to the background. Mindset is a great skill but it’s not the same as integration.

In the victim role we panic and google stuff, run to doctors, or look to the media, our coworkers, and friends- everywhere but ourselves.  So we’re exposing and airing out the fear but not giving space for any kind of inner wisdom to emerge.

In the first case there’s a pretense of a spiritual breakthrough and in the second case there’s avoidance of spiritual breakthrough. 

How do you actually dissolve fear and have a real spiritual breakthrough?

Aside from fight or flight, there’s a middle way:  tend and befriend.  In other words, we don’t fear fear!  We accept it, but not as the whole story, only half.  We say “I have fear right now AND I am open to the possibility that this fear state is transient, and it’ll be replaced with something else.”

We stop trying to get answers externally from a place of panic.  We sit quietly with the fear. We observe it from the heart of our being. 

Alternatively, we can give the fear up to God/ the Universe- this is called Bhakti yoga or surrender.  And then we wait…we get patient and we get curious- about our mind, our body, our spirit- how they all work together.  Divine synchronicities show up as evidence that the fear state and the phenomena that appeared with it are transitory.

The best method I’ve found to get quiet and patient in this way is meditation.  Not in the sense of it being a chore, or trying to force your thoughts to stop, or trying to ‘transcend’ or get out of the body.  That all only pushes away the fear and suppresses it. 

We’re going for a meditation that takes us into the body, calmly and safely, and lovingly.  One that adds the element of comfort into our fear state.  One that brings in pleasure, warmth, and imagination.

After journeying from patriarchal meditation into more feminine types of meditation like tantra and bhakti I’ve discovered lots of ways to bring pleasure, warmth, and imagination into meditation practice to ease the fear and soothe the integration process as you’re being the quiet witness.  

We’ll begin to explore those in my next 3 blog posts.

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