How Archetypes Help Us Find Worth

Questioning a lot of things right now?

Feeling ok one day then crying the next?

Wondering why your manifesting isn’t working?

With 70% of adults walking around with trauma and a lot of us feeling sad no wonder we feel confused, scared, or even hopeless.

Do you know your self-worth is UNCONDITIONAL?   Your worth is NOT based on money, power, attractiveness, success, abundance, recognition, popularity, likeability, influentiality or positivity (although social media would like us to believe different)  

To lean into this requires deep deep letting go of control.  

And what happens to most of us when we’re scared, depressed, or reacting from trauma is no way in hell do we want to let go!  Instead we use some form of mental control to suppress, or distract ourselves so we don’t have to face it.

To be honest, the word ‘surrender’ sounds awful to some of us- like giving up. 

I can tell you right now it’s not!  It’s actually giving into being held and loved by the Divine Love Force on this planet, feeling into it, leaning into it, even leading from it, and continuing to trust that it operates beyond the mind’s understanding.  

So…how can we make this path of surrender FUN? 

One way I’m starting to love it is by working with archetypes!  Archetypes are templates for self-expression that already exist within us, we just have to activate them!! 

Archetypal activation is an intuitive energy within us that knows what to do if we let it!

The tarot is full of archetypes!  Each day I have been surrendering to different ones the Universe chooses for me and it literally leads me into a new discovery!

Here are some examples:

Days I was depressed- I snapped out of it when I got the Sun archetype. It led me to focus on joy instead of try so hard to PERFORM joy so I could be seen/ recognized.  It taught me about giving from an AUTHENTICALLY joyful place- my inner child- and that she had things to share.  So much worth was in this little one’s beautiful unique expression!

Days I was scared- I faced things when I got the Justice archetype.  It reminded me to ASK QUESTIONS and get clarity on things I don’t understand instead of ‘hang back’ and ‘wait it out’.  So it taught me about facing truth, facing up to facts and that I’m worth protecting myself from ignorance.

Days I felt creative burnout- I cooled off when I got the Temperance archetype.  It led me to ‘water down my wine’ so to speak, to turn down the tap on places I was pressuring myself to lead, and turn up the tap in other areas where I was being invited to listen.  It taught me about MODERATION, returning back to a MIDDLE ground where I felt balanced and in the flow, and that there is so much worth in letting yourself be AVERAGE, NOT special, because sometimes we need to flow back to the middle to let ourselves be an open channel.  

Days I felt low energy, undesirable, disconnected to my sexual energy, blah- I got my groove back when I got the Devil archetype.  It showed me that I’m always deserving of feeling desired, and taught me to face my own sexual energy and source myself from this place until I meet a partner who I deem worthy of sharing that energy with.  I keep discovering so much worth in dating myself, seducing myself, and honoring my body temple in this way.  (Side note:  it’s unfortunate society has come to call this ‘the Devil’ when it originated from deities like Shiva, Pan, and Cernnunos who in their earliest forms symbolized peace, meditation, and understanding that we are part of nature, not separate from it)

Days I felt frustrated, unable to manifest what I wanted- I completely changed my perspective when I got the Hanged Man archetype.  It showed me that my strategy proved ineffective and exhausting.  It taught me to lean into my feelings of frustration, anger, and resistance, and ACCEPT them as part of a bigger process.  It showed me I’m worth the long game, and that there is worth in hanging in there.

If archetypes and the path of surrender, rituals, and meditation intrigue you I’d love to be your guide!

Some ways you can work with me:

Moon Path Archetypal journey

Book a tarot session with me

Book a coaching session with me to learn rituals, guided meditations, archetypal journeying, and embodiment (teaching style based in tantra/ bhakti) 

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