So many of us are waking up now… waking up to what we don’t need: mindless consumerism, addiction to the internet & illusion, ignorance of nature’s rhythms, separation.  And in seeing that, we’re recognizing what we’re truly hungry for:

– self-trust/ inner wisdom

– a sense of lineage/ honoring where we come from/ loving our roots 

– the lost art of ritual

– trust in the body’s sensitivity/ wisdom/ awareness  

– tapping into fresh, inspired energy

– filling up with deeply secure love 

After traveling to India, spending years practicing meditation, and devoting to spirituality as shown through a patriarchal/ transcendental lens, I’m now taking all that I learned and balancing it with some delicious, much needed earthy/ witchy healing- tarot cards, working with the phases of the moon, embodiment, and emotional digestion/ grounding.

Would you like to dive into beauty, tarot archetypes, ancient symbolism, embodiment, and devotional rituals as a mystical and fun doorway? Try a more tantrik approach as a way to ground in the heart while uncovering the truth?

I believe it’s time for us to feel good and embrace our inner weird in our spiritual practice, and to feel unashamed of our shadow and light.

That’s why I’m carving out a new path which has evolved into a sacred offering. Here’s what people are saying about it:

“I am so sold on your readings. These are incredible. Thank you.”- N.

“Wow! It’s very accurate…all of it! Thank you so much Tara!”- J.

Having a reading with each phase of the moon helped me process some of the internal struggles I have been having, and gave me a better understanding of how they could be tackled in relation to each quarter of the moon.”- E.

“This was exactly what I needed to hear. Incredible! The ancestor ritual is everything!”- M.

“Thank you so much for this reading. Nail on the head.”- S.

“Immediately into my full moon reading, I was crying with goosebumps all over.”- S.

“I have been simultaneously wanting and avoiding a reading.  Both because I was feeling lost and scared of what I might find.  Tara made the process very comfortable and helped ease my mind when cards came up that were intimidating.”-E.

“Worth every dag on penny!!!! You’re the tarot queen!”- S.

This whole thing is in service to the truth, and so we all walk the path together each moon cycle seeing where it will take us in 29 days! I warmly welcome you to join us 🙂

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