Hanged Man: Teacher of Surrender

Hanged Man says:  stop strategizing from your head!  

It literally flips you upside down to get that head quiet- that overstimulated mind- the hamster wheel that’s been staring at screens, replaying mental stories, news, other people’s opinions, other people’s creations, and your own inner ‘advertisements’ all day, promising you it can make you happy if you just let it keep spinning. 

Hanged Man puts it to rest….makes it touch the earth where it can absorb dirt, gravity, weight pulling all its resistance into a quiet, grounding hush.

He whispers:  “TRUST that hush…”

Hanged Man begs of us:  “Stop scheming, planning, assuming responsibility for ‘success’ and manifesting.  Don’t you see how exhausted you are?  It’s time to see that something bigger than you carries you.  It’s time to stop pretending a mystery can be ‘figured out.’

Some ways to embody the Hanged Man:  

  • do a ‘headstand’ or ‘legs up against the wall’ yoga posture (gently if it feels safe to your body)
  • put a cold or hot washcloth on your forehead and rest
  • do ritual bowing/ full prostrations
  • give yourself a scalp massage with oil or a massage tool
  • dunk your head under water
  • unplug your phone for an entire day
  • say some prayers/ get into a devotional mood of surrender and ask the Universe to choose your next move.  

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