Here’s something for you to receive if you dare visit the mystical portal!

I sit with the new moon energy each month and let it guide me to an oracle card/ insight. I pass this along in an email to a small community of mystical-minded folks. If you’d like to join that community you are warmly welcomed to sign up here:

Here are some tarot spreads I created over the years. Enjoy!

Pull out The Lovers card & 2 other cards of your choosing (these represent the qualities you truly want & deserve in a relationship). If you are using oracle cards pick 3 that most closely represent love for you.
1. The gate- how this love will enter your life.

2. The garden- how it will nourish & sustain you, & enhance your personal growth.

3.  The dance- what will be exchanged karmically between you & the other person

4. The moon- how you’ll intuitively know this is a healthy love for you- a sign you’ll get

5.  The path- what you need to do, learn, contemplate or focus on to manifest this love