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Some tarot spreads I created over the years- enjoy!

This spread looks at how energy polarizes within us into masculine and feminine expressions as based on tantra yoga philosophy. The Shiva card reveals where we’re leading with penetrating awareness and the Shakti card reveals where our spontaneous feeling energy is leading, and the Union card shows how we can bring these extremes into balance.

This spread is intended to be done during a full moon’. The 2 days leading up to it, or following it are fine too.

Card 1: What you can fully receive now.

Card 2: What is ready to be released.

Card 3: A part of you that requires your loving attention and nurturing.

Card 4: A part of you that’s ready to shine/ be exposed and seen by others.

Oracle: Divine guidance to tie it all together.

Pull out The Lovers card & 2 other cards of your choosing (these represent the qualities you truly want & deserve in a relationship). If you are using oracle cards pick 3 that most closely represent love for you.
1. The gate- how this love will enter your life.

2. The garden- how it will nourish & sustain you, & enhance your personal growth.

3.  The dance- what will be exchanged karmically between you & the other person

4. The moon- how you’ll intuitively know this is a healthy love for you- a sign you’ll get

5.  The path- what you need to do, learn, contemplate or focus on to manifest this love


Free Activation “Moon Love”:

This mini-video series contains 3 transmissions from 2020 when I was deep in tantric/ occult studies and immersing myself in moon magick. In these you’ll learn:

  • How to utilize the first quarter moon phase for manifestation
  • What NOT to do on a full moon
  • 5 journal questions for the waning moon and shadow work- START COURSE