Body sensuality is sacred, and the spiritual path can be sensual. When we integrate the two, a whole new world of energy, inspiration, and power can open up! Are you curious to explore this in yourself? Here are just some of the benefits:

more safety in your nervous system
– a deep sense of belonging and naturalness/ ease in taking up space in the world
– more radiance/ erotic confidence
– more orgasmicness/ pleasure
– better emotional health
– knowledge of how to activate and balance the energy body (lowers stress, improves health!)
– a better understanding of how polarity and attraction works
– a deeply fulfilling relationship with your own eroticism
– ability to share your erotic energy more comfortably with others

I offer 1 hour sessions or month-long containers of coaching! Reach out and we can map out a personally tailored experience. Book a session or email me with any questions: tarakimes@gmail.com.