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This is a free offering that you can stop by and do anytime.

Click the blue card to generate the sacred randomness. Take a deep breath, center yourself, and when you feel ready, click and scroll down for the reveal!

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Note: this is based on the Marseilles system which only uses the 22 Major Arcana.
A big thank you to Chris Whitcoe and Erin Soto for creating and displaying it!

  • 0 Le Mat (the Fool): new beginnings, adventure, risk, comedy, fun, travel, time for vulnerability
  • I Le Bateleur (the Magician): self-awareness, conscious communication, first steps, manifestation, making a dream come true, trusting yourself, time to make it happen
  • II La Papesse (the High Priestess): inner knowing, quiet, stillness, waiting, preparing, devotion, time for divination
  • III Limperatrice (the Empress): beauty, creativity, seduction, attraction, desire, receptivity, time for gratitude
  • IIII L’empereur (the Emperor): boundaries, assertiveness, ownership, claiming territory, defining terms, stabilizing energy, time to take up space and manage your ‘kingdom’
  • V Le Pape (the Pope): community, education, spiritual organizations, mentors and guides, being a teacher or student, being led on a conscious spiritual path, time for group energy
  • VI Lamovrevx (the Lover): connection, merging, uniting, harmonizing, loving, playing, time to socialize, flirt, and be closer to loved ones
  • VII Le Chariot (the Chariot): confidence, journeying, extroversion, visibility, media, fame, time to perform and be seen
  • VIII La Justice (Justice): accountability, freedom, balance, order, organization, clarity, time for transparency and clearing the air
  • VIIII L’Hermite (the Hermit): solitude, drawing energy inward, giving to oneself, retreating, spiritual reflection, self-study, time to withdraw from the world and light your own path
  • X La Rove De Fortune (Wheel of Fortune): change, unexpected turn of events, life’s twists and turns, finding your center, karmic cycles ending or beginning, dharma, time for a cycle to end, step into change
  • XI La Force (Strength): passion, lust, sexual forces, desire, surge of energy, unlocking one’s voice, unlocking the body’s wisdom, letting the body lead, time to harness and unleash your inner wild
  • XII Le Pendu (Hanged Man): patience, delay, getting there by going nowhere, accomplishing the goal by doing nothing, just BEING, realizing you know nothing, time to wait it out
  • XIII Nameless Arcanum: purification, passionate energy, movement to clear something out, inner revolution, doing the inner work, liberation, time for alchemy and transmuting behaviors that keep you stuck
  • XIIII Temperance: moderation, blending, adding value, harmonizing, pleasing, accommodating, balancing, time to neutralize or water down the situation, look for the beauty
  • XV Le Diable (the Devil): nonconformity, subconscious, creativity, passion, taboo, wild, time to enjoy earthly pleasures
  • XVI La Maison Diev (the Tower): a liberating force, openness, coming apart, independence, freedom, ecstatic release, time to let go
  • XVII Le Toille (the Star): peace, spiritual guidance, hope, faith, following a dream, offering oneself as Love, time to blissfully follow a dream for its own sake, expecting nothing in return
  • XVIII La Lune (the Moon): wildness, chaos, emotions, letting life be messy, no rules, magnetic, time to be in your feelings
  • XVIIII Le Soleil (the Sun): generosity, outward giving, unconditional love, including others, sharing gifts and knowledge with the world, time to enjoy being in the spotlight sharing your gifts with the world
  • XX Le Iugement (Judgement): conscious choice, life-altering decision, pivotal moment, choosing the life you truly want, sobering up to a new truth, answering a call, time to follow your calling
  • XXI Le Monde (the World): celebration, ecstasy, success, happy completion, accomplishment, travel, time to celebrate how far you’ve come!