How to Dissolve Fear- Great Divide or Great Awakening?

This message came through this morning from a loving place so I want to share it. The predominant paradigm in the world seems to be that of divide and polarization these days. But in reality there is no 'external world' because reality isn’t fixed.  It's infinite creative potential. It’s in a state of constant flux … Continue reading How to Dissolve Fear- Great Divide or Great Awakening?

A Witchy Tip for the New Moon

New moon energy feels like renewal, fresh start! There’s a sense of readiness and potential to explore something new. Think of starting school, moving to a new living space, springtime, and the aces of the tarot. That’s the kind of energy we’re talking about! The new moon is the best time to be intentional with … Continue reading A Witchy Tip for the New Moon

5 Powerful Journal Questions for the Waning Moon

It’s the waning moon now, which means we’re losing light. The moon is reflecting less and less light so we’re being exposed to more dark, more shadow in terms of the moon’s unique intelligence, the moon’s unique connection with us here on earth. What that means is each waning moon opens up a time to … Continue reading 5 Powerful Journal Questions for the Waning Moon

The Foundations of Moon Magick

The moon is essentially all about light and dark.  Light comes from the sun, it radiates light out the center of the solar system while all the planets rotate around it.  The moon, however, is neither a star or a planet. It's a rock orbiting earth!  Astronomers simply call it 'a celestial body'. Depending on … Continue reading The Foundations of Moon Magick

Spiritual Ego Traps

Spiritual insights don’t have to be ‘transmitted,’ nor do they need to be coveted as your own special god realm. These are both ego traps. One of the biggest wounds for me has been the idea of ‘spiritual rescue’. That another person can somehow fill my longing for intimate spiritual guidance. That they would lead … Continue reading Spiritual Ego Traps

Reclaiming Feminine Energy in Business

I used to take all my cues on how to gain 'respect' from the men around me. How they acted, how they talked, how they told jokes, how they worked and played. How they led. As a musician I desperately tried to show men that I could play solos and drum like them. As a … Continue reading Reclaiming Feminine Energy in Business

What ‘Manifest’ Really Means

This year I started aligning my life and decisions with the moon. I honestly kind of romanticized it, and thought it would be a way to ‘manifest.’ But ‘manifest’ turned out to mean something way different and deeper than what I thought. The moon forces you to work with 2 energy currents- waxing and waning, … Continue reading What ‘Manifest’ Really Means

Shadow Work

To me, skulls are symbolic of shadow work. Being stripped down to the bones and seeing what remains in tact. And really shadow work isn't something you can just bullshit about online. I tried. I tried talking about it, making a video about it, channeling it through creativity, 'processing' it in relationship, journaling on it, … Continue reading Shadow Work