Shadow Work

To me, skulls are symbolic of shadow work. Being stripped down to the bones and seeing what remains in tact. And really shadow work isn't something you can just bullshit about online. I tried. I tried talking about it, making a video about it, channeling it through creativity, 'processing' it in relationship, journaling on it, … Continue reading Shadow Work

Ace of Wands and Risk Taking

Risks open us to the unknown. Keep our life force activated. Build confidence, belief in ourselves. One risk I started taking this year was to expose myself in video. Everytime I post one it feels like entering the unknown- maybe people will like it, maybe they won’t, maybe they’ll unfollow me. Maybe nobody will watch … Continue reading Ace of Wands and Risk Taking

Crying as Emotional Maturity

When I was a kid I would get sad and have crying episodes in a way that was thought to be ‘abnormal.’ It got so scary my mom didn’t know what to do, and counseling wasn’t as affordable or readily accepted in the early 80s. So I sucked it up and carried on like a … Continue reading Crying as Emotional Maturity