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Got a problem that needs solved or a question that needs answering? I would be honored to interpret the cards for you and offer creative guidance to support your journey!

Sessions are done via video call or in-person (outdoors on a big deck!) If you prefer video call we’ll use Zoom. Email sessions or audio-recorded sessions are available upon request.

Hot tea and guided meditation are included in the in-person session and guided meditation is included in the video call session. Prepare to spend about an hour and have a question in mind.

Curious about what question to ask? Here are some that past clients have asked me:

  • I’m divorced/ single. When/ how will I meet a new partner?
  • I’m trying to decide between 2 career paths. What guidance do I need to hear for each one?
  • How can me and my husband transition into polyamory?
  • I’d like to leave my current job. What’s the best way to transition?
  • I feel attracted to both men and women. Which would be better for me to date?
  • How can I turn my hobby into a profitable business?
  • How can I best keep the peace between my ex and current wife?
  • I’m studying to take the Bar exam for the 3rd time. What do I need to do to ensure I pass?
  • How can I gain more confidence around public speaking?
  • How can me and my partner thrive while living in different cities?
  • How can I be of service to the world?
  • How can I succeed as a creative/ artist? 
  • What’s my soul’s purpose?
  • How can I embody love?
  • I’m ready for a big change. What’s next?
  • I’d like to work for myself but not sure where to start. What should I focus on?
  • My boss is challenging me. How can I respond?
  • I’m moving to a new city. What should I focus on there?
  • I moved here from another city but thinking about moving back home now. What guidance do I need to hear to help me decide?
  • What would bring me inner peace?
  • What will help me get through my divorce?
  • What will bring me the most peace after my divorce?
  • I’m not sure if I wanna have kids or not. Can you give me guidance around each path- motherhood/ or choosing not to have kids?

You’ll receive pictures of your cards and a summary of the spread emailed to you after the session.


One hour session: $100

1/2 hour session: $55

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