Hanged Man: Teacher of Surrender

Hanged Man says:  stop strategizing from your head!   It literally flips you upside down to get that head quiet- that overstimulated mind- the hamster wheel that’s been staring at screens, replaying mental stories, news, other people’s opinions, other people’s creations, and your own inner ‘advertisements’ all day, promising you it can make you happy if … Continue reading Hanged Man: Teacher of Surrender

How Archetypes Help Us Find Worth

Questioning a lot of things right now? Feeling ok one day then crying the next? Wondering why your manifesting isn’t working? With 70% of adults walking around with trauma and a lot of us feeling sad no wonder we feel confused, scared, or even hopeless. Do you know your self-worth is UNCONDITIONAL?   Your worth … Continue reading How Archetypes Help Us Find Worth

The Best ‘Card of the Day’ Question

When pulling tarot cards, how you phrase the question makes all the difference!   One thing I see a lot of people do is pull a card of the day and treat it as a prediction. They rely on the fixed meanings in the deck booklet or fear their day will go awful if they get … Continue reading The Best ‘Card of the Day’ Question

How to Feel Free

The Fool card of the tarot is all about freedom, and this archetype can indeed set us free...if we’re willing to reflect on how we block ourselves. Here are three ways we tend to get stuck: We identify with self-image too much.  We become fixated on one area of our ‘self’, whether that’s our business, … Continue reading How to Feel Free

Learning to Trust instead of Fear

Receptivity...Coming back to meditation every day...not as a chore, but as Divine pleasure!Showing up to life, as pleasure! What does a little moon magick do for your mindset?  It helps you trust instead of fear!Today I found myself 30 miles away from home in the middle of a snow day with an empty gas tank and … Continue reading Learning to Trust instead of Fear

Shiva and the High Priestess

Why is Shiva so compatible with the High Priestess? Shiva represents space/ spaciousness that holds up the cosmos. In the same way that outer space keeps expanding, INNER space keeps expanding too. The High Priestess is the guardian and witness of INNER space. She’s the one who’s intimate with the mystery and evolution that happens when we meet what’s … Continue reading Shiva and the High Priestess

The New Formula for Success

It truly is an amazing time now. A lot of us are realizing that subliminal messages in the old paradigm don’t work!  They simply aren’t effective anymore. When trying to please the patriarchy I must have turned in 50-100 resumes for ‘practical’ full time 9-5 office jobs with my ‘respectable’ master’s degree. When trying to … Continue reading The New Formula for Success