Benefits of Following the Moon Pattern

I used to strain so hard and fight the tide! There was a time when I would look at relaxed, happy women and be so jealous deep down thinking I just wasn’t born with that kind of karma. 

My nervous system was fried and I was struggling with anxiety, yet didn’t want to take medication because I trust deep down that the body is a miracle and knows how to align itself, if given the right support. I spent a few years learning gentle, opening types of spiritual work- rituals, prayers, meditations, bhakti, tantra, and embodiment. 

I invested in myself…instead of buying beer/ wine and eating out I enrolled in courses with sacred embodiment teachers, therapists, and tantrikas who taught me about the moon and the yin/ receptive path. Instead of buying new shoes and clothes I paid for good quality tarot readings and Vedic astrology charts. 

I got intimate with the practice of spiritual surrender.

I learned the rhythm of a subtle planetary force that assists us in surrendering to the natural flow of things, helping us create more ease in our life: The beautiful enchanting moon! 

Following the moon pattern hasn’t made me perfect by any means, but I do feel:

  • More calm
  • More trusting than I ever was before.
  • More open to love, even in scary transitional times 
  • More aligned with an unclinging love. 
  • Accepting what comes.
  • More lighthearted and able to play (ironically as I’m getting older!)
  • More safe in my body.

Would you like to learn moon rituals? Meditations rooted in Eastern traditions such as tantrik and bhakti?Would you like to commune with sacred symbols of the tarot?

Four magickal phases to check in, to meet yourself as you’re waxing and waning! Four sacred moments to celebrate that you’re following your sacred YES, getting clear on the NO! Four portals for getting clear on your integrity and most sincere longings. 

This work is not even work, because it’s honestly fun 🙂 Sacred play! If it resonates I invite you to check out my online 3 month program Moon Path which is open for enrollment this week!