Magnetic Freedom 1-1

As women we are uniquely wired for attractive power.

Yet in order to access our power, we have to stop overriding and bulldozing it.

I remember graduating from a tantric yoga training where the teacher revealed a special name she chose for each of us during the closing ceremony. The other girls were getting names like “Lioness” and “Shining Heart.” When she called out mine “Quiet Power” I was mortified. I thought it meant I was shy, unimportant, uninteresting, and had nothing special about me. It took me years to realize she had actually initiated me into a great gift.

Quiet power is the yin force of magnetic freedom. There’s nothing weak about it. It sets the cycles of the Universe. It unlocks every flower’s petals. It releases tsunamis. It activates a woman’s radiance and magnetism. It holds the secret to stopping comparison and envy and falling in love with your own life, your own gifts, your own bloom!

The result is that you get to be deeply relaxed in your relationships, life, and work. Experiences get to be more playful. You get to be living out your desires without clinging to them. You get to magnetize a whole Universe to you and it gets to be nourishing and fruitful!

I’m so looking forward to activating this power in you, even if you just get a taste it has potential to change your life!

“Through a Moon Immersion, I was able to revive my personal strength, resulting in new found clarity, calming of the mind, and a balanced emotional state. The final icing on the cake is the fact that even though the course has ended, it has provided me with all the tools/ practices I need to continue moving forward on my own. I wish everyone could enjoy and reap the benefits of this amazing program! I am truly, forever grateful”


How it works:

We meet (virtually or in person) at the moon phases and go over lunar strategies for your business, life, or wellness. Themes we cover may include: polarity and inner union of feminine and masculine energies within yourself, the art of building a mature masculine container, self marriage ceremony, embodiment rituals, sacred feminine practices, aligning with the moon phases, and cultivation of nourishment in your nervous system.

Each session includes lunar tarot readings, moon phase advice, tantric teachings, and embodiment activations. Sessions may also include journal questions, pdf lessons, creative activities, or guided explorations in sacred sexuality, embodiment, bhakti/ devotion, and mantra yoga.

New Moon- New Moon discussion/ “Clarity” tarot spread/ Intro to inner and outer moon mapping/ Receive moon rituals
Waxing Crescent Moon– check in/ Waxing Crescent moon phase discussion/ embodiment practice
First Quarter Moon- First Quarter Moon discussion/ “Sacred Yes & No Actions” tarot spread/ Intro to Polarity & Tantra Basics/ Receive Sacred Feminine + Divine Masculine rituals
Waxing Gibbous Moon- check in/ Waxing Gibbous moon phase discussion/ embodiment practice
Full Moon- Full Moon discussion/ “Express/ Celebrate” tarot spread/ Sacred Sexuality/ Advanced Feminine Practices
Waning Gibbous Moon- check in/ Waning Gibbous Moon discussion/ embodiment practice
Last Quarter Moon- Last Quarter Moon discussion/ “Shadow Work” tarot spread/ guided journaling/ rituals for rest & emotional digestion
Waning Crescent Moon- check in/ Waning Crescent Moon discussion/ embodiment practice

If you’re ready to deeply honor the more playful, relaxed, magnetic YOU, fill out the form here and I’ll be in touch!